Ethereal Blocks

August 28th – September 11th 2019

Place lego blocks towards a more open, transparent internet. Aug 28 – Sept 11. $50K in prizes + post-event funding!

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Past Hackathons

Grow Ethereum

July 29th – August 15th 2019

A virtual hackathon to level-up the Ethereum world computer, from scalability and UX to the next generation of decentralized applications.


Beyond Blockchain

June 24th – July 10th 2019

A three-week virtual hackathon where global developers and entrepreneurs will collaborate to push blockchain applications to new frontiers of business + technology + social change


The Ethereal Hackathon

April 15th – 30th 2019

On top of open ended prizes, there will be bounties which are associated with live, working products. You will be able to work with open source maintainers building the future of blockchain including Microsoft, ConsenSys Labs, MythX, and many others.



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